e-Pulse Accessories

e-Pulse Ultra 1200


e-Pulse Ultra 1200 is an advanced neuro stimulator that can be used for temporary muscle pain relief.  Includes 2 small and 2 large massage pads, 2 sets of electrode wires containing 4 electrodes, 1 lithium ion battery, 1 battery charger. Features 20 levels of intensity for soft and strong massages. Has an adjustable timer (10-60 minutes). Limited 2 year warranty.

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Massage or Workout Belt


Massage or Workout Belt can provide relief to the lower back and waist area. For the massage feature, snap the jumbo pads to the inside of the belt. Wrap the belt and jumbo pads around the lower back. The belt contains a wire that can be connected to your device.  For the workout feature used to tighten your abs, wrap the belt and jumbo pads around your torso, set the device to the workout or Russian Stimulation setting.

Save money by purchasing the e-Pulse Ultra 1200 and the Massage or Workout Belt as a combo bundle.

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Massage Brace


Massage Brace can provide relief to sore and aching muscles.  Wrap around your waist, shoulders, arms or legs.

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Knee Brace


Knee Brace’s electrostimulation provides instant pain relief to the femoral and peroneal nerves that run through the leg and knee. Connect the four electrodes on the wires to the 4 knee brace connectors.  Connect the other end of the wires to the device.

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Elbow Brace


Elbow Brace allows you to maintain range of motion while receiving the benefits of TENS therapy.  Provides instant pain relief to the main ulnar nerve that runs through the arm and elbow region.

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Lifetime Warranty Pack


Lifetime Warranty Pack helps you protect your investment. The pack also includes 10 sets of large pads and an additional output wire. There is a $12.99 fee for any warranty exchanges.

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My name is Jimmy. I had a meniscus tear in my knee a few years ago. I tried the e-Pulse 1200 TENS unit and knee brace. It was life changing. I used to have stiffness and pain in the morning, but since I started using the 1200 TENS unit and knee brace, it doesn’t hurt anymore. Thanks to Stan and Rosalind for helping me become pain free.