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The CDC has classified the abuse of opioid medications as a national epidemic in the United States.  Our mission is to provide alternative therapies.  

Our Pain Management Goals

The FDA approved products and therapies we sell are designed to supplement other physician prescribed therapies.  They provide temporary pain relief to the neck, back, shoulders, waist, elbows arms, knees, legs and feet.  

Our Pricing Goals

Our prices are often comparable to or better than Amazon’s or other retailers.

Our Products


Compression Stockings

If you have tired, aching legs or swollen ankles after sitting or standing for a period of time, you may have a venous disorder. Consult your physician if swelling persists.

According to womenshealth.gov, it is estimated that at least 20-25 million Americans have varicose veins. It further says that by the age of 50, nearly 40% of women and 20% of men have significant leg vein problems. 

Pioneered by Conrad Jobst in 1950, gradient compression legwear reduces swelling and helps prevent the pooling of fluid in the venous or lymph systems and in the interstitial spaces. By increasing the tissue pressure to help balance the flow of fluid across the capillaries of the limb, it helps to reduce swelling. 

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TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)

e-Pulse Ultra 1200 

Supplemental therapy. People suffering from pain may now enjoy relief at home, at the office, or while on vacation. With e-Pulse@ Ultra 1200 everyone has access to the same technology used by health professionals for relief anytime, anywhere.

e-Pulse Accessories

Compression Sleeves

When you wear colorful, graduated compression sleeves and socks from NV-X you gain all of the advantages of graduated compression while adding style, visibility and protection. Be x-ceptionally energized with NV-X. They come in seven different colors.

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Biofreeze Professional effectively alleviates pain from backaches, arthritis, sore muscles and joints, sprains, strains, and bruises. The hands-free sponge applicator tip enables targeted, even application on smaller areas like joints, elbows, knuckles and knees.

Our optimized proprietary formula is made with U.S. Pharmacopeia-grade ingredients and is free of parabens and propylene glycol. Also available in a dye-free formula.

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Diabetic Socks

Jobst (R) Sensifoot (TM) is the ultimate comfort sock, providing comfort and protection in every step for diabetic patients and anyone seeking a great basic sock with compression benefits. They come in four colors and three styles (i.e., knee high, crew and mini-crew).

  • Non-irritating, smooth toe seam reduces pressure and irritation on toes
  • Extra padding in the foot, heel, and toe reduces friction and provides extra comfort and protection
  • Acryllic multifiber yarns wick away moisture to keep feet comfortable and dry
  • Antibacterial, antifungal finish inhibits growth of bacteria to help prevent odor.

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Kinesio Tape

Leukotape” K” is a kinesio therapeutic adhesive tape.  It supports sensory functions. Wave pattern adhesive allows air to circulate and full mobility is preserved.  It is stretchable, works ideally with the skin’s natural elasticity.  It has a protective liner for better handling.  Leukotape has a polyacrylate adhesive for reliable adhesion, while the backing material of cotton is hard wearing and skin friendly.

  • High user comfort
  • Durable for up to one week of use
  • Sports and showering present no problem
  • Easy to remove

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